Welcome to IDS Seattle!

    Welcome to the Interior Design Society of Seattle. With benefits and resources such as education, business support and special events specific to Seattle, IDS membership is valuable and rewarding for design professionals in our region. Being involved with your local chapter grows your professional network while increasing both your knowledge and credibility.  

    IDS Seattle is part of the National Interior Design Society, one of the country’s largest design organization dedicated to serving the residential interior design industry.

    Member Spotlight

    Get to know our Student Ambassadors Alex Walker & Alexa Nofsinger

    About Alex Walker: I was born and raised in Seattle. Growing up it was just me and my mom until I graduated from high school and she got married and I gained two step brothers. I decided to move to Louisiana to go to LSU with a chemistry major. From there I transitioned to a Food Science major and had dreams of going to culinary school. But, I had to cut my college experience short and move home after two years. 

    I’ve been in the retail world for the past 8 years. After developing my career as a manager at Anthropologie, I transitioned into the assistant visual merchandising manager role and that’s where my love for visuals really grew. After a couple years, and after realizing how obsessed I am with HGTV, I became aware that interior design was something I wanted to pursue. 

    I would love to find a small, local firm to work for as an interior designer after I finish school in April. At some point in my future, I hope to have my own interior design firm that takes on projects all over the country. I value connection. I love making connections with people, hearing about their story and how they got where they are today. Especially given the times, I think connection is so important.

    About Alexa Nofsinger: I was born and raised in Utah and moved to Colorado when I was 13. I grew up traveling, spending the majority of my time in the outdoors, and riding horses. I have three younger siblings. I realized I was interested in interior design when I just started rearranging decor and furniture upon impulse in my own home and other friend's homes.

    I knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career that enabled me to use all of my skills and interests. I have a couple friends in the industry as project managers and I was always inspired to hear about their current building projects. I am a student at Bellevue College and will be wrapping up with my Associate's Degree this year. I currently work for Organized Spaces, which is a closet design company based in Kirkland. Although my position is the showroom admin, I am also the stager/photographer/social media guru and often visit many of our job sites. I hope to work in Washington for a couple years before moving to the south to be with my boyfriend and start our own design-build business together. My big dream is to incorporate my love for travel and design vacation homes for clients around the world.

    The thing I value most is (or working towards) my personal happiness! It's all about how YOU define happiness, not how you THINK happiness should be defined. If you are not happy with who you are, or where you're at, and you don't value yourself, that will reflect into every other aspect of your life.

    Upcoming Meetings

    Mar 5

    Masquerade Ball with Woodpecker Flooring- IDS Seattle March Chapter Meeting

    Combination in-person & virtual event - An unforgettable winter masquerade night. Enjoy revolutionary industry trends and brand new product unveiling while you sip sweet libations and devour delicious food. Woodpecker Flooring showroom awaits...don’t forg


    Mar 29

    IDS Plays Hooky! A Walk in the Park - Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

    What does it take to cultivate meaningful relationships? Join us and fellow designers for a walk in Gene Coulon Park.


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