Welcome to IDS Seattle!

    Welcome to the Interior Design Society of Seattle. With benefits and resources such as education, business support and special events specific to Seattle, IDS membership is valuable and rewarding for design professionals in our region. Being involved with your local chapter grows your professional network while increasing both your knowledge and credibility.  

    IDS Seattle is part of the National Interior Design Society, one of the country’s largest design organization dedicated to serving the residential interior design industry.

    Member Spotlight

    Get to know Rebecca West 

    Rebecca West is a friendly and focused business coach for Interior Designers, known for asking insightful questions that help you clarify your brand and break free from the generic assumptions we make about our industry. After each Quick Fix session, her clients feel clearer and more confident about their business and brand, and always take away actionable items to work on.
    Rebecca has led her own interior design firm Seriously Happy Homes since 2007, and believes there is room for all of us in this industry as *colleagues,* not competitors. She’s an avid traveler, can’t resist a costume party or a kitten video, loves Scotch, and has a weakness for Oreos and Eggos. Find her book "Happy Starts at Home" on Amazon, check out her interior design biz at SeriouslyHappyHomes.com and her coaching biz at SeriouslyHappy.com, and be friends with her on Instagram @beseriouslyhappy.

    Before your current field, did you use to do something else? Oh golly yes! I have a bachelor's in Geology, I volunteered in the Peace Corps, and I taught ballroom dance, among other fun things! But I've been in this field now for 14 years - it's nice to have stayed in a career long enough to have gotten really good at my job! 🤓

    In what ways are you part of your community? (Question: Do you mean my personal community, the larger community, or the interior design community?) I serve on the board of the Heritage Design School, and I volunteer with SCORE as a small business mentor and workshop instructor teaching cool things like "Building a Business Plan in 3 Hours" and "Instagram For Business."

    What’s something surprising most people don’t know about you? Between my marriages I took a burlesque dancing course. I loved all the costumes and rhinestones, but what I loved best was the body-positivity - a room full of women of all shapes and sizes feeling beautiful in their own skin. It was fantastically fun!

    What do you find is copesetic during a stressful situation? When I'm stressed I try to get some perspective on the matter, remembering that we're not supposed to sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. I turn to mantras like "eat the elephant one bite at a time" and just try to make it through with as much kindness and grace as I can muster. Then when I get home it's a crapshoot as to whether I'll maturely meditate my way back to calm or (shhh, don't tell!) eat my way through a sleeve of Oreos. 🤣

    What do you value most? Kindness. I believe there is always a way to be kind, and I try to remember that I never know what someone else is going through. Especially when they cut me off in traffic. 🙄

    What’s the craziest / scariest thing you’ve ever done? Oh gosh, every step of owning a business, from telling my first client what color to paint their walls, to leasing our first out-of-my-home-office, to hiring my first employee - it's all scared the pants off me! 😳 But since that probably isn't what anyone really wants to hear, then I'd say belly-crawling through a cave barely wider in diameter than my chest, sandwiched between two barrel chested men about 10 meters below solid rock, wondering if this might be my grave. I had to employ some serious meditative breathing that day - what a way that would have been for a wannabe geologist! Ha!

    What’s your drink? (cocktail, wine, beer, other?) Can't go wrong with a bottle of Malbec or any bottle of house red served up in any restaurant in Italy, but *my* drink of choice is Laphroaig Scotch. Smoky, peaty perfection in a glass!


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    May 10

    Network, Learn, Win Prizes - May Chapter Meeting with Willis

    Wondering what the difference between Sintered Stone & Ultra-compact materials are? What even do those words mean? Join our May Chapter Meeting to learn about about this with Willis


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