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    President's Report

    Hi Friends,

    Spring is nearly here and I don't know about you but I have never been more excited for Spring and Summer. Be sure to safely take advantage of as much sunshine this season as possible. Speaking of soaking in the sun, be sure to join us for our first hooky event of the year, an outdoor walking event at Gene Coulon Memorial Park. Please join us if you are able!

    We have an exciting lineup of events for you in the coming months. We are close to booking up the rest of 2021 and we can't wait to have you join us at these stellar programs.

    Stay safe, stay healthy and as always please let us know if you need anything.

    J.D. Nesbitt

    IDS Seattle Chapter President 2020/2021


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    Member Spotlight

    Get to know member and seattle chapter vp, hannah tiffany 

    Before your current field, did you use to do something else?

    Ironically, interior design was the thing I used to do before my current field. Until 2020, I worked (and loved) residential interior design, and only recently made the move to "sales rep." Now I work for Stone-Drew/Ashe & Jones, a Seattle-based multi-line plumbing rep agency. What I love about being a rep is that I get to serve the design community I love in a broader way, and I get to see and appreciate so much of the work of the amazing designers in our region!

    What’s something surprising most people don’t know about you?

    I grew up in Cameroon, Africa. From the years 1990 - 2005, I was there with my family in a very remote part of the country. I can honestly say I'm the only American I know who has been told by her mother to "go out and pick some leaves so we can make dinner." This is a true story.

    What’s your drink? (cocktail, wine, beer, other?)

    All of the above!! (But you'll usually find me with a glass of wine in-hand on a relaxing Friday evening)

    Follow Hannah on instagram:  personal: / work: @sdajnw

    Be sure to check out more about Hannah on our website!

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    Calendar of Events

    let's play hooky!

    What: Walk on Lake Washington 
    When: March 29th 1-3pm
    Where: Gene Coulon Park 


    Let's take a walk and get some much needed air together! We will all work to keep a comfortable distance and wear a mask.  We'll meet at Ivars and go from there.  Address is 1201 Lake Washington Blvd N. Renton, WA 98055.  No registration required, but if you'd like to register (free) you'll get a reminder email beforehand. This is an *excuse/reason* to take a break from the grind and spend some time with each other.
    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Running Late? Need to meet up a little later? Call or text: 206-573-8131


    beyond the surface - virtual event

    When: April 12th 12pm-1pm

    Where: Virtual 

    One-of-a-kind spaces are the single biggest ask and most enduring demand when it comes to designing interiors. It’s all about infusing each environment with a distinct—and distinctly different—wow factor. Custom-designed and personalized wallcoverings are the perfect choice for creating environments that are as unique as the people in them. Now there’s Beyond the Surface™ wallcoverings—a remarkably innovative and convenient source for bespoke wallcoverings that make a truly original style statement. Bold patterned wallpaper. Floor-to-ceiling photographic images. Dramatic oversized wall graphics. Elevated ceiling treatments. Each an inspired one-off created by Street Level Studio’s team of visionary surface designers.

    Register for the event here!


    Missed a Meeting?

    No problem! You can see past chapter meetings and more on our youtube page here!

    Here in Seattle, we will continue to work to bring you dynamic, educational, and fun events to you virtually for the foreseeable future. If you have an idea of something you’d like to see or an industry partner you’d love to learn more about, please feel free to reach out to our board Programs Chair, Shelly Gillooly, at [email protected].


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    Member Resources

    submissions for designer of the year awards are open through may 5th!

    Are you an IDS member with a residential project completed last year that you'd like to submit for consideration? You should!! Follow this link for entry details and guidelines and/or check out this webinar for even more info!

    Once getting all the deets, if you still have any questions be sure to send an email to [email protected].


    join us on discord!

    We invite you to join our discord community! Meet your peers, ask questions, network, learn about events and more. We have servers for designers, students, industry members and onlookers. Have one place to look for news and material launches. Lets really get to know each other.

    Come check it out with us and use this link to join:


    IDS Seattle Wants to share your accomplishments!

    In an email or direct message ([email protected]) send us quotes that inspire you, advice to your peers, projects you've worked on you want to share, stories you love to tell. You can also tag @IDSseattle or with #IDSSeattle

    This goes for design and industry members. (Must be a member to participate)

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    Additional Goodies

    check out this Blog post from rebecca west with seriously happy: "the best photo-editing app"

    Here's a fun little snipet to peak your interest: "We all know that professional photos outshine amateur photos, but few of us can afford to have a pro photographer shoot every room and every detail.

    And what about when a client sends us a celebratory photo that we want to share out, but it’s not quite up to snuff for our #Instagram feed? 🧐

    As they say… there’s an app for that! 👏"

    Find out what the recommended app is and learn more about Rebecca's tips here!


    pantone has a new color matching tool

    You may have already received an email about it, if you use or are subscribed to Pantone, but we thought we'd share it just in case as it looks too cool not to. Here's the intro on their site: "The new Pantone Color Match Card works with your phone’s camera to measure and match colored objects, materials, and surfaces to their Pantone Color equivalents, no matter where you are!"

    Check it out here. We haven't tried it out ourselves yet so let us know what you think if you do!



    Check out The IDS List and make sure to become a part of it and/or browse it's resources here.



    At IDS, we value continued education and offer discounted rates on many industry certifications including GREENleaders Sustainability Certification and Certified Aging in Place (CAPS).
    You can visit the IDCEC website to search for approved webinars and be sure to check out past webinars from IDS National's Virtual Education Series here!

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