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    A Message from National

    In light of the recent movement to support the BIPOC community, The Interior Design Society is implementing a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to examine and evaluate the society's efforts to create a more inclusive organization. We want to ensure the voices of all our members are accurately represented in order to foster, support, and perpetuate an inclusive and diverse environment within IDS. To learn more about the committee or take part, please the IDS National page here.

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    President's Report


    We elected to take a break in our events for the month of August. We hope that you have been able to find some time over the last month for yourself. The craziness of Summer is coming to a close and with that we will start ramping up our event schedule again.

    We have some very exciting key virtual events that are a must attend. Keep an eye on the calendar for those upcoming events. More information will also be forthcoming about our next virtual chapter meeting, we hope you'll be able to attend.

    Finally, a HUGE thank you to all our members, industry partners and our Executive Board members. During a recent call with our IDS National Office, it was announced that our Seattle Chapter has had some of the strongest growth for a new IDS chapter. THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have participated in our events, invited your friends and colleagues and given up your free time to help us achieve this milestone. Let's continue this strength as we push through whatever else 2020 has in store for us!

    Be well, stay safe and as always let us know if we can be of any assistance.

    J.D. Nesbitt

    IDS Seattle Chapter President 2020/2021


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    Calendar of Events

    Virtual Chapter Meeting

    As the summer heat took over, we decided to take a bit of a break in August but we are excited to be back at it for September!  We will have more to announce soon so please stay tuned!


    Missed a Meeting?

    No problem! You can see past chapter meetings and more on our youtube page here!


    Here in Seattle, we will continue to work to bring you dynamic, educational, and fun events to you virtually for the foreseeable future. If you have an idea of something you’d like to see or an industry partner you’d love to learn more about, please feel free to reach out to our board Programs Chair, Shelly Gillooly, at [email protected].

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    Member Spotlight

    Member Spotlight: Renate Ruby, Adorn

    Renate Ruby has been in the interior design industry since 1988 when she began as a decorative painter. After her career in decorative painting, she moved into design. She has spent over 20 years growing her knowledge of product, design, how great products are made, and the skilled craftsmen behind it. As an artist and creative mind, Renate believes in the power of design, and has shifted her career to focus on what she came to this industry to do; serve designers and connect them with the stories and products of dedicated craftsmen.

    In 2015 Renate founded Adorn, a storefront in Greenwood and online marketplace to bring top of the line bedding and wallpaper to the Pacific Northwest. Adorn has grown to encompass so much more, and is now a team of seven women working to bring beauty to the everyday. In 2018 Renate opened Adorn’s sister company, Brume, in Georgetown, to bring the best furnishings in the country to the Seattle market. Renate has since innovated theory and models for designers to succeed in the current market through her blog The Valuing Design Project, and the recently launched Bespoke, a custom label furnishings program, available only to designers.

    Be sure to check out her blog here, as well as, websites for Brume and Adorn. Want to know more about Bespoke? Email [email protected]

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    Member Resources

    IDS NATional's VIRTUAL SWATCHED winners announced!!

    SWATCHED, similar to the TV show Chopped, is an interior design game where contestants race the clock to create a unique design with a curated supply of interior design resources and this years winner have been announced! 

    First Place Winner: Theresa Gresham
    Second Place Winner: Jennifer Collins
    Third Place Winner: Coralee Angell-Monaghan
    Student Winner: Tonya Huffman


    You can see their designs and more here.  A big congratulations to all who entered!


    Education Benefits

    At IDS, we value continued education and offer discounted rates on many industry certifications including GREENleaders Sustainability Certification and Certified Aging in Place (CAPS).
    Online webinars and in-person CEUS are offered throught the year. You can visit the IDCEC website to search for approved webinars.


    IDS buyers' guide

    Did you know that IDS has an online Buyers' Guide?  This site is a great tool to find additional resources and tour vendors across the nation.  See more here.

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    Student News & Events

    Swatched 2020 student winner

    Congratulations to Tonya Huffman! And big congratulations to all who participated! 


    Student Ambassador Program

    We want to foster is an inclusive place for students and our first action to do this is the creation of a Student Ambassador Program. The goal of the student ambassador program is to help students navigate the local industry and provide value through the dissemination of information related to events, internships and career opportunities while assisting students in making meaningful connections as they begin their design careers. 

    The role of the Student Ambassador is to represent the Interior Design Society Seattle Chapter at industry events as well as school events. Ambassadors will uphold the values of the chapter mission while professionally representing the organization in the industry arena.

    Ambassadors will be responsible for brainstorming, planning, and executing, with Board assistance, on-campus and off-campus events that serve to inform, assist, and recruit fellow student to join our organization. Additionally, they will be responsible for gathering pertinent information valuable to other student members and ensuring it is passed to the appropriate IDS board member for distribution to all students.

    We want students to be able to take ownership of this program and, with our guidance, use it to maximize the benefits as they stride towards their ultimate goals in our community and our industry. If you are a student member or know of any students that may be interested, please contact our board President, J.D., at [email protected].

    We continue to work on rolling out a revised, virtual student program for our student members. Students, be on the lookout for an email from our board President J.D., reaching out to garner your opinion and to ask for your assistance. These are uncertain times to be a student in any industry, but we are here to assist you in any way we can.

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