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    President's Report


    I recently had the chance to join our fellow organization leaders at the National Leadership Summit. It was great to meet up with other chapter leaders from our region and throughout the rest of the country. It reminded me why I belong to this amazing organization.

    During the event there was a lot of discussion about what is our special sauce. What makes us stand out amongst the crowd? There are many options for professional organizations in our industry, so why IDS? For me, it's an easy question to answer. It's the camaraderie. In fact, it's the camaraderie over competition. IDS Seattle, and IDS as a whole, is all about family, community, camaraderie and education. It's a community of like-minded professionals who come together for fun and to further our knowledge. Sharing what works and what doesn't, learning about the latest technology or newest products is so much better when you're amongst friends.

    The event was a nice reminder of why I belong here and why I volunteer for this organization. As members, you also have lots of options in which to volunteer your time and I want to reiterate how happy myself and the rest of your Board are that you've chosen to spend time with us.

    Thanks for all you do for our industry and our IDS community.

    J.D. Nesbitt

    IDS Seattle Chapter President 2020/2021


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    Member Spotlight

    Get to know our student ambassadors alexa nosfinger and alex walker!

    About Alexa Nosfinger: "I was born and raised in Utah and moved to Colorado when I was 13. I grew up traveling, spending the majority of my time in the outdoors, and riding horses. I have three younger siblings. I realized I was interested in interior design when I just started rearranging decor and furniture upon impulse in my own home and other friend's homes.

    I knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career that enabled me to use all of my skills and interests. I have a couple friends in the industry as project managers and I was always inspired to hear about their current building projects. I am a student at Bellevue College and will be wrapping up with my Associate's Degree this year. I currently work for Organized Spaces, which is a closet design company based in Kirkland. Although my position is the showroom admin, I am also the stager/photographer/social media guru and often visit many of our job sites. I hope to work in Washington for a couple years before moving to the south to be with my boyfriend and start our own design-build business together. My big dream is to incorporate my love for travel and design vacation homes for clients around the world..."

    About Alex Walker: "I was born and raised in Seattle. Growing up it was just me and my mom until I graduated from high school and she got married and I gained two step brothers. I decided to move to Louisiana to go to LSU with a chemistry major. From there I transitioned to a Food Science major and had dreams of going to culinary school. But, I had to cut my college experience short and move home after two years.

    I’ve been in the retail world for the past 8 years. After developing my career as a manager at Anthropologie, I transitioned into the assistant visual merchandising manager role and that’s where my love for visuals really grew. After a couple years, and after realizing how obsessed I am with HGTV, I became aware that interior design was something I wanted to pursue..."

    Check out more about Alex and Alexa on our site!

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    Calendar of Events

    SURYA - virtual event

    When: February 15th 4-5pm 
    Where: Virtual 


    Come join us as we take a deep dive into Surya's expertise at merging form with function! They translate the most relevant apparel and home decor trends into fashion forward products across a range of styles, price points, and categories including rugs, lighting, pillows, throws, wall decor, accent furniture, decorative accents and so much more!

    Be inspired with a website walkthrough and the best tips and tricks to care, cleaning and choosing the right rug. One lucky attendee will win a Surya gift card!

    Get registered here today! We can't wait to see you there!


    Woodpecker flooring

    What: Masquerade Party!!
    When: March 5th


    Join us for an awesome Masquerade Party!  Keep your eyes out for more information coming soon!


    let's play hooky!

    What: Walk on Lake Washington 
    When: March 29th 1-3pm
    Where: Gene Coulon Park 
    Let's take a walk and get some much needed air together! We will all work to keep a comfortable distance and wear a mask. We'll meet at Ivars and go from there. Address is 1201 Lake Washington Blvd N. Renton, WA 98055



    beyond the surface - virtual event

    When: April 12th 12pm-1pm

    Where: Virtual 

    Keep your eyes out for more info as we get closer to the event!


    Missed a Meeting?

    No problem! You can see past chapter meetings and more on our youtube page here!

    Here in Seattle, we will continue to work to bring you dynamic, educational, and fun events to you virtually for the foreseeable future. If you have an idea of something you’d like to see or an industry partner you’d love to learn more about, please feel free to reach out to our board Programs Chair, Shelly Gillooly, at [email protected].


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    Student News & Events

    ids seattle student design competition - designing a home office

    Are you an Interior Design Student? Do you know an Interior Design Student who loves interiors and a little healthy competition? JOIN the IDS Seattle Student Design Competition!
    With Covid-19, we are now looking to convert a space in our home to be a functional (and beautiful) office area. Use your computer programs, design skills, and knowledge from school to remodel the attached room into a fully functioning office. Submissions must be from students attending a school residing in Washington State.
    Submissions will close at midnight on February 26, 2021
    Check out submission rules, info, timeline and more here!



    advice, tidbits and recommendations

    Here's a great bit of advice from our own Alexa Nosfinger: "Always be trying to learn or "be in the know". If you're standing in line at the store, pick up a magazine and quickly flip through it to see what the trends are. If there is a design or something you don't like, ask yourself why. Don't just look at the pretty picture, but also analyze the structure of the space. There have been many times I've seen an awesome space on Pinterest and then a builder will explain to me why that's actually not a good idea and the challenges of that space. Don't just follow local designers/vendors either. And read about things even if they don't particularly interest you. If you want to specialize in closets for example, you should still have working knowledge of lighting or whatever. To summarize that, my slogan would be to "focus on the direction you want to take, but never limit your knowledge"."

    And here's an awesome resource recommendation from our own Alex Walker: "I am obsessed with Canva. It’s an online design program that has a ton of graphics and templates that you can literally create anything with. I have done all of my school projects with this program. It has huge time savers (like background remover). The paid version is $12.95 a month but it’s definitely worth it. The opportunities in this field are endless! We can create any job, space, or life we want and I think that is a beautiful thing."


    For any questions, recommendations or suggestions, please contact our board Student Outreach Chair, Andrea Samuels, at [email protected].

    We continue to work on rolling out a revised, virtual student program for our student members. These are uncertain times to be a student in any industry, but we are here to assist you in any way we can.


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    Member Resources

    announcing our very own discord server!

    We invite you to join our discord community! Meet your peers, ask questions, network, learn about events and more. We have servers for designers, students, industry members and onlookers. Have one place to look for news and material launches. Lets really get to know each other.


    Come check it out with us and use this link to join:


    light layering - three steps to great lighting

    Wednesday, February 17th, 10am-11am pst

    While good lighting might appear to be complicated, creating intriguing light can be as simple as 1-2-3. By understanding this trio, the concept can be employed in any room or setting. This presentation will explain the three steps and show how they can be implemented in any residence. The different luminaires used for each layer will be discussed. Lighting ideas will be shared and real-world successes and failures will be exposed. Finally, suggestions on how the designer can best work with clients relative to lighting will be presented.

    Register here!


    be sure to check out marketing mondays!

    Monday, February 22nd, 1pm EST

    Building a Strong Website & Social Media Presence

    With only about 3 seconds to capture your prospects' attention online, your website needs to build trust and communicate that you can help them. A strong online presence should reflect the quality of your work, tell your unique story, and validate your company. Join Debra from Home Designer Marketing to learn what elements your website and social media pages need.

    Register here!


    Monday, March 1st,1pm EST

    How to Build Momentum, Streamline Processes, & Grow

    To build momentum, you need to stay visible online and consistently streamline your processes. Without regular updates to your business, you risk losing out on opportunities that could help take you to the next level. Join Debra from Home Designer Marketing to discuss how to set & track goals, ways to keep your online presence up to date, and when to improve processes so that you can remain on track, stay visible, and grow your business.

    Register here!


    IDS Seattle Wants to share your accomplishments!

    In an email or direct message ([email protected]) send us quotes that inspire you, advice to your peers, projects you've worked on you want to share, stories you love to tell. You can also tag @IDSseattle or with #IDSSeattle

    This goes for design and industry members. (Must be a member to participate)


    The ids list

    The IDS List is a community for residers and designers alike. We are part of the nationwide network within the Interior Design Society, and we are proud to bring you a carefully curated collection of designers and interior design materials to improve your quality of life in the place you spend the most time, YOUR HOME. Check out The IDS List and make sure to become a part of it and/or browse it's resources here.

    Here are the quick and simple steps to get added to the list:

    Make sure your membership is current or join IDS.
    Update your Member Profile to verify that your business website, headshot photo, biography, and business social media links are correct and up to date.
    Submit a blog post for consideration (optional).
    Upload photos of your work to be included on your designer profile.


    Education Benefits

    At IDS, we value continued education and offer discounted rates on many industry certifications including GREENleaders Sustainability Certification and Certified Aging in Place (CAPS).
    Online webinars and in-person CEUS are offered throught the year. You can visit the IDCEC website to search for approved webinars.

    Be sure to check out past webinars from IDS National's Virtual Education Series here!


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    Additional Goodies

    Here's a great article written by our very own Rebecca West of Seriously Happy:


    "Communicating successfully with our interior design clients has always been important, but now that many of us are providing virtual interior design services, we need even more tools in our communication tool belt!

    Today, I am share one of my favorite tools with you, but I’m not going to talk about it – I’m going to demonstrate it!

    Enjoy this action-packed 7 minute video where I tell you not only why I love Loom, but also give you specific examples of how to use it with your clients."

    Be sure to check out more and see the video here!


    submissions for Designer of the year awards are now open!

    Early bird Special! All entries submitted by March 3rd will save 20% on EVERY entry!

    With over 30 categories in residential interior design, there is a category for any of your best designs.

    This year, we've extended the period your project must have been completed by. Projects that were completed between May 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020 may be entered.

    You must be an IDS member to enter! To join, click here.

    So, make a list of your best work, get your photography ready, and mark your calendars for February 3rd!


    Like to see something covered or discussed in our Newsletter? Let us know! We are always looking for feedback and to create an inclusive space to share information for and about our designers.  Please feel free to contact Kayleigh Wold at [email protected] anytime.


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